Tradition and quality from La Rioja: The history of Loza

At the end of the 19th century, in the rural areas of La Rioja, many families made sausages during the harsh winters and worked in the fields and vineyards when the weather permitted.


In this context, at the beginning of the 20th century our great-grandparents decided to set up their own sausage and ham business, but unlike the majority, they decided to bet on quality, selecting the raw materials and taking care of the production processes.

“For my great-grandparents, well-being and health were the most important things; they wanted the new generations to eat better than they had been able to do.”

A true revolution for the time when quantity prevailed over quality, to the point that our products began to be sold in the United States and Cuba starting in the 1930s.

“Our products were better, that’s why people who emigrated remembered them and bought them from America.”

Today, in a context of total globalization and rapid growth in the world’s population, food needs have also increased incredibly. The agri-food sector responded immediately with quantity, but unfortunately quantity is not synonymous with quality.

“As I tell everyone, at Loza we only know how to do things well”

During our more than 100 years of history, in addition to having conquered the national market, we have managed to be present in many other countries. In our desire to share our products and values ​​with the entire world this year we have decided to boost our export department to reach the largest number of homes possible no matter where they are.

“Today our goal is to satisfy not only our fellow citizens, but also the inhabitants of all continents.”

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