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Years of experience


Amando Loza: A century of quality and tradition


During our more than 100 years of history, in addition to having conquered the national market, we have managed to be present in many other countries. In our desire to share our products and values with the entire world this year we have decided to boost our export department to reach the largest number of homes possible no matter where they are.

Riojan tradition

Our chorizo receives the IGP Chorizo Riojano certification.

This certification guarantees that they are made with top quality lean meat, paprika, salt, garlic and natural pork casing.

SME Award: celebrating our legacy

We have been awarded the SME of the year 2023 Award in La Rioja. This award is a testament to our ongoing commitment to excellence and quality in every aspect of our business.

It is a well-deserved tribute to generations of effort and dedication, as well as an impetus to continue with our mission of providing the best products to our customers. We are deeply grateful to our team, whose hard work and passion make our success possible, as well as the entities that have granted us this honor. This award inspires us to continue growing, improving and exceeding expectations in the years to come.

"A well-deserved recognition for the work of our workers, distributors and our customers. Thank you for making it possible!"​


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Ready for a feast of exceptional flavors? Explore our selection of premium sausages and hams, carefully selected to satisfy even the most demanding palates.  What temptation will conquer you today?

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