Tips for cutting ham


Three knives are needed. A wide and strong blade knife for cleaning the ham. Another elongated narrow and flexible blade to slice “tapas”. A short and strong third (tiptoe type) for when you get to the hip cut.



They should be as small and as fine as possible. The direction of the cut should be uniform, either towards the hoof, or downwards. As a precaution, make sure that the knife blade does not face you.



Regardless of how long it takes to consume, the ham must always have a clean and sharp edge, thus avoiding rancid flavours or unnecessary rinds.

If you stop cutting, you have to protect the area with some of the thicker pieces of bacon, taken out at first, so that the superficial fat is always fresh.



Ham should not be eaten cold or stored in refrigerators. If we want the ham to give us all the fullness of its flavor, instead of placing it on a cold plate or tray, we can temper the tray by the microwave about 30 seconds and place the slices on top. So the taste of ham will be full.


Carlos Bernigaud,

Professional ham carver